We believe in a spoiler-free world

A world where you can watch TV at your own pace, not to someone else’s deadline. Where idly scrolling through Facebook won’t make you furious and want to throw your phone at wall. Where friendships won’t be forever ruined over a thoughtless remark.

Great TV is all about surprise, anticipation and suspense – everything spoilers wreck. In a world of on-demand TV, it’s time to make spoilers a thing of the past.


We think TV would be better for everyone
if we all just followed 2 simple rules:

Revealing spoilers should feel completely socially unacceptable

Revealing spoilers about someone’s favourite TV show should be as bad farting on a crowded train. Strangers should stare and judge you, and even your closest friends should pull you aside and say ‘Mate. Not cool.’ Revealing spoilers should feel taboo – something that nice people just don’t do.

Spoilers should never be in titles, or in public social media posts

We get that you’re excited, but before you overshare, take a second and think. ‘Character name + ☹️ 💀’ is not a secret code. And journalists: we know you love clickbait titles, but don’t put so many clues in there that we can guess the spoiler without even reading the article.


How to join the anti-spoiler campaign:

1. Take the anti-spoiler manifesto pledge:

I will not be THAT person. I will consider what I’m about to say before blurting out spoilers. I will put spoilers behind links, so no one will accidentally see them without wanting to.

2. Be an anti-spoiler superhero

If your friends reveal spoilers online, be the hero who asks them to edit or hide what they’ve written. Help keep the mystery alive for others!

Don’t want that responsibility? No problem – just send us a batsignal by using the hashtag #shhNoSpoilers and we’ll swoop in for you.

3. Spread the world

Don’t want people to spoil shows for you? Tell them about this anti-spoiler manifesto. The more people who get involved, the more chance we have of creating that TV utopia for the digital age: a spoiler-free world.

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